3-Stage Stinger

255160000 3-stage stinger

3-Stage Stinger

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TheBro3 stage stinger available for “do it your self” wrecker bodies. We also make modified versions that will fit EKA 2030 and MORA 250 Units. (Ask for price for these models.) NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


Capacity retracted /extended: 40,000 lbs / 16,000 lbs
Max reach from pivot to center stinger bushing: 110″
Distance from pivot to center stinger bushing: 55″
Cylinder type: 2 side by side.
Stinger end made of solid steel.
Shipping Weight: 650 lbs (without cross bar)

Uppgrade to a 3.stage stinger.
This stinger replace the original stinger installed on your Bro Unit.
The new 3-stage stinger will give you the additional reach you need for today’s towing.

3-Stage Stinger4

Installed Bro 6×4 Cross Bar part # 250220000

3-Stage Stinger3

3-Stage Stinger5

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