6×4 H D Wheel Lift 250254000

H D Wheel Lift 6×4 inches cross section 250254000 Price: $5475.00 Specifications:
Capacity: 15,000 lbs (7.500 lb per side) Accepts 6×6, 6×4, 5×5 and 4×4 inches cross tubes. 3″ tie down straps with flat hook. 2″ tie down lasso straps with ratchets. 4″ front pull down winches. (Do not use for tractor-trailer combination.) Most modern busses have neither a strong chassis frame or an assembly to attach forks for lift & tow. The wheels are part of the bus’s structure and are a natural place to attach lift devices. Bro Wreckers H. D. wheel lift is designed to reduce stress on the stinger end and pivot pin. (see top picture). This feature also results in better weight distribution . The roll-off stops are a safety feature designed to prevent the bus from rolling off the lifting gear. Width adjustment allows towing of smaller vehicles such as vans and motor homes. H D Wheel Lift 1 H D Wheel Lift 2 H D Wheel Lift 3 H D Wheel Lift 4