High Stand 82200815

High Stand 82200815

Price: $213.40

Weight: 37 lbs

High Stands raise the fork to a higher position. The need may arise when the suitable fork is not tall enough to reach the desired lift point, that the stinger hits the bumper before the fork is in position, or in similar situations. The high stands are 7″ tall and are available in two models. One has the standard 2″ shaft and the other is a “slide on” type for 4×4, 5×5, 6×4 or 6×6 inches cross bars. (see part # 250213100).

We recommend the slide on style since it is more rigid than the 2″ shaft model. When high stands are used, make sure the towed vehicle is secured by extra safety chains and that the “swaying motion” is limited as much as possible.

This picture shows the high stand in combination with a self aligning spring fork part # 82200814.

Fork 814 demo1 #82200815 High Stand