5.5″ Wide Rear Axle Fork


5.5″ Wide Rear Axle Fork

Weight: 26 lbs

Lifting trucks from the rear can sometimes be difficult. Newer trucks are equipped with air ride or air bags which  limit the lifting sites. The axle housing is one of the more popular places, however forks must be wide and tall enough. Some trucks such as Peterbilt have unequal width housings. We designed the 5.5″ and 6″  forks to “fit them all” so that you can use them on most trucks without using high stands to get clearances.

Fork 2500 and 2600 demo1 Fork 2500 and 2600 demo2 Fork 2500 and 2600 demo3 Fork 2500 and 2600 demo4

Price: $183.70
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