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Waste Truck Rollover

A tanker truck is a big rig truck with a tanker attached to the back of it, usually carrying fuel, chemicals, or waste. A wreck or turnover involving a tanker truck can cause catastrophic damage to the vehicles involved, the environment, and any persons around it. They also have a higher risk of turnovers than your normal big rig. In this video, a tanker truck has flipped over to it side, but luckily did not spill any of the liquid inside. The emergency recover team safely transfers the contents of the tanker into a different tanker before a heavy duty tow truck comes and lifts it back on its wheels.


Accidents happen all over America that requires a heavy duty tow truck or wrecker. And you may think that the job doesn’t have that many dangers to it, but you would be wrong. In 2005, 390 workers were killed in struck-by incidents, making up seven percent of all fatal occupational injuries. That is why the Move Over Law has been placed in effect all across the country. This law requires drivers that are coming up on an emergency vehicle, while driving anywhere on the road, to slow down (some states below 25mph) and move over to the opposite lane. That way we can ensure the safety of our police officers, construction workers, and tow truck drivers.

How Strong is Your Tow?

Strong Big Rig Tow TruckSo how strong are wreckers for big rigs, you might ask. Well, a 60 ft. tractor trailer can weigh up to 40 tons and take up the same amount of space as 5 cars. The strength of these wreckers is unimaginable unless you see it with your own eyes. Each part of the wrecker acts as a single tendon or muscle similar to the ones in your arm. So, just imagine if you lost one tendon in your arm; you wouldn’t be able to perform your entire everyday tasks. That’s why at Pete Soro Machine Works we are confident in our wrecker parts and will always be able to provide your wrecker or big rig with the parts it needs to conduct itself as one single moving equipment, to safely and effectively get the job done!

In this video by Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida PWOF, they demonstrate how strong, powerful, and reliable the big rig wrecker is at recovering vehicles. All of the parts are an essential necessity when it comes to a successful recovery. Here at Pete Soro Machine Works, we can customize any part if we don’t carry it to perform any recovery with success.

Big Rig Towing Company demonstrates in this video how the big rig wrecker is used at recovering vehicles too damaged for just a regular tow and the wrecked vehicle has to be lifted by the wrecker’s crane operating system. All the parts on the wrecker correspond like a team to accomplish the wrecker’s objective for recovery and cleanup of the wrecked vehicle.

Tow Truck Picks Up Big Rig in LA

Tow trucks are used every day across America for recovery and cleanup of wrecked vehicles. One main thing big rig wreckers are used for is to pull rolled over big rigs back to their upright position and/or to pull them out of bad situations, as seen in this video. This method of recovery is used often since 60% of big rig wrecks are caused by rollovers. At Pete Soro Machine Works, your wrecker can have all the parts it needs to perform this common type of recovery.

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